My Ascension Timeline

AscendI HAVE TO TELL you I gave up on ascension awhile ago.

I used to think there was one ascension. I didn’t like what was put out as how it was going to happen. I said no. I won’t hurt anyone and I won’t help make it happen. Show me how to be love. Show me what I need to see to create something new. I’ll do whatever it is. I will be that the best way I know possible.

And then I learned more.

About …. Continue reading

Introducing New Crystals Into Your Energy Field

Quartz Crystal

I RECENTLY PURCHASED A Quartz Crystal. Upon looking for signs of it being something “special” as I so often do, I noticed a deep triangular cut in one of the apexes. I was familiar with the way the triangle was pointing and it meant I would be doing inner work….deep inner work. After showing a picture of it to a friend, she confirmed that it was a Trigonic Quartz. This crystal packed a punch. It was on steroids! Not only was …. Continue reading

Conscious|Cool|Chic Interview

Molly McCordGreetings, energy beings!

Did you miss the live broadcast of my visit with Molly McCord on Conscious | Cool | Chic today?

Never fear! Look right here!

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Or, if the embedded player is not showing on your window, you can just click here to listen or download the replay. <3

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The Essence of Healing

channeled by sachahambi (“forest medicine”)

IF YOU WANT TO know how to heal, and how to become a healing presence on this Earth, there is one simple way: that is to know that you are loved. Feel how you are loved. Know that you are absolutely worthy of love. You will never be abandoned, not ever. You will never be rejected, not for any reason. The love that the universe has for you is absolutely without conditions. You do not have to “earn” it. You do not have to “deserve” it. You do not have to “prove” anything. …. Continue reading

Earth Day, Every Day

THE MORE AND MORE hectic our daily modern lives grow, the more and more easy it is to grow further and further from our connection with the Earth, our Home.

Just as every day is a New Year’s Day, every day should also be Earth Day, not only April 22nd. It is vitally important that we remain mindful of our roots, whether we are “outdoorsy” type people or not— it is the water to our soul, at our deepest levels.

At least once a day, go outdoors …. Continue reading

The Morning Vibe

"Centered" by Bella Dos Santos

ONE WAY TO RAISE your vibration and wake your physical body and energy each morning is with sound vibration— your own sound vibration!

I typically do this after drinking a glass of water, consciously feeling the life-giving energy of it travel through my body. This not only helps the water distribute through my system, but brings my awareness to my body, centers me in the here and now.

Then, maintaining this mindful focus, I inhale a …. Continue reading

Extra-Sensory Perception

First Contact by Alex Groseth

WE ARE EACH PERCEIVING “extra-sensory” information at all times, whether we realize it or not!

The very fact our physical eyes can “see” something is due to us sensing and reading energy. That shape of energy over there we label a “chair,” that cluster of energy we say is a “shoe,” this bundle of energy here we call a “body…”

Now close your physical eyes, and see what you can “see” and sense with …. Continue reading